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Lying just above the Tropic of Cancer, Andros, called "Big Yard", is the largest and yet least discovered and developed island in the Bahamian Archipelago. Forty miles wide by 100 miles long, Andros hosts only 9,000 residents. Inland, beyond white beaches and mangrove flats renowned for bonefish, most of the island remains forested and largely untouched.

Andros Island is fast making a name for itself as an ecotourist destination with activities catering to all types. Visitors come to dive the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world or one of the island's Blue Holes. They trek through the mainland forest or explore the quiet mangrove creeks to view the stunning bird life (this island is home to over 200 species of birds). Of course, fishing has always been a big attraction, whether blue water, reef or flats fishing, and the island maintains its reputation as a world class angling destination. And, you could come to Andros to do nothing at all except sit on a beach under the tropic sun with a cold drink in your hand. We understand.

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No matter what brings you to our shores, here are some tips to help make your stay more comfortable.

Charlie Dressing Smart: Long Sleeves, Pants, and Socks Keep the Sun and Bugs Off.
Charlie Dressed
For the Flats

CLOTHING: For days on the water fishing, we recommend any of the technical fishing wear that has UV protection. Columbia, Ex-Officio, Patagonia, and World Wide Sportsman all offer quality fishing wear. Long sleeves and long pants are a must for flats fishing on Andros. The "doctor" flies are voracious, especially on calm days and there is nothing they like better than salt spray on bare skin. It is recommended to wear socks on the skiff, as they love to bite feet and ankles. A quality, breathable rain jacket is a good idea, both for the occasional squall and to keep warm and dry when running long distances.

Off the water clothing is casual. Shorts and slacks are acceptable, and bathing suits are OK on the beaches. However, the Bahamians are still traditional in some respects and when away from the water bathing suits should be covered with shorts or a sarrong. Bring light-weight cotton shirts and shorts for the evenings or days spent exploring the island or shopping. You might want some long pants for the evenings during the rainy season when the mosquitos and sandflies are bad.

Deserted Sommerset Beach, Andros, Bahamas

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