Hunting & Camping on Andros!

Charlie's Sons Hunting Wild Boar with Dad.
Hunting with Dad; wild boar for supper tonight.

Andros Forest is known as one of the most unexplored forests in the world, filled with tropical pines, hardwoods, dry broadleaf evergreens and freshwater marshes offer a glimpse of what peninsular Florida, 60 miles to the west, once looked like. Through the years, people had to use the wood from the forest for many purposes, like building boats and houses, or exporting wood to USA.

There are very few human inhabitants on Andros, only about 9,000 residents, and virtually everyone lives in small settlements along the eastern coast. Despite the small population size, much of the Island is surprisingly accessible. This is a consequence of logging done by Owens-Illinois in the 1960's when they cut strands of the endemic pine, leaving behind a series of interconnecting roads, most of which are accessible to an appropriate vehicle.

While companies were cutting the forest, they observed that Andros has a rich and diverse wildlife, at that time the people in Andros used to call wild boar Gorilla, because of the size of the rocks and holes he used to hide in, until a young Bahamian investor called "Haste" move to the forest to farm, and during the years of farming, he discovered that Andros has wild boar, quail, white crown and many other species.

Fresh Water Blue Hole, Andros
Fresh Water Blue Hole

Throughout the forest, cutting perfect circles into the landscape are 200 blue holes. They are small, deep pools in the island's limestone skeleton formed when a subterranean cavern collapsed. At first the holes were flooded with sea water, but after countless seasons of storms, fresh water collected, settling atop the heavier salt water. Living in the thin freshwater lens are hundreds of species unique to each blue hole. The secrets of these evolutionary laboratories have intrigued scientists like Jacques Cousteau for decades. They are also great for swimming after a long day hunting!

Camping on the West Coast

Andros is known by its beautiful landscaping. The west cost of Andros is a wondering gift which attracts most of the visitors, the echo system play a major role of making this area a fascinating and unique one where nature meets to show three exits of the North, Middle and the South bight. This magnificent area host schools of bonefish, tarpon, permit, shark and others.

Steve's 2-Night Camp on the West Side pays off.
West Side Tarpon

The nights shine with the brilliant clear view of our Milky-way and plants under a shear black canopy. When you get up in the morning from a deep and relaxing sleep, you will be welcomed to nature's best. A panoramic sunrise view and snapping fish glitter in the dawn to draw you away from our camp sight. We normally host 2 to 4 anglers on camping trips. After a good fishing day, you will end up with a native style of cooking on the fire which adds an unforgettable taste to both your food and atmosphere. The west coast of the Island gradually fades into the sea of the Great Bahamas Bank, which stretches all the way to the Straits of Florida, 60 miles to the west.

Recommended camping gear


  • Small 2-person tent
  • Sleeping bags
  • Search light
  • Benidrille
  • Insect Repellent
  • Long Sleeved Shirt
  • Lightweight Long Pants
  • Rain Jacket
  • Wading Shoes
  • Sunglasses (amber/copper polarized)
  • Sun Block

Andros West Coast Tarpon

Camping / Hunting Package Rates

What's included: Guided Fishing, Lodging, Buffet Breakfast, Sandwich Lunch, Dinner & tourism tax.
Maximum 2 anglers per guide skiff.

*Rates do not include: camping supplies, transportation to and from airport, & gratuities.
**The rates above are subject to change without notice