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Bonefishin' with Big Charlie, Andros Island, Bahamas. January, 2011.

Hunt trophy bonefish on beautiful, endless flats, eat amazing home-cooked cuisine, hang around the campfire sharing fishing tales in the evening... what's not to love?

Soundtrack: Tam Tam: "Bahama Mama".

Blowin' like 20 knots (yup 20) with THE MAN on the pole, sun in the sky, and big bonefish (I mean BIG BONES, man) taking flies.

Leaving most of the "sports" back at their lodges sippin' Kaliks and listening to the wind rattle the windows, we hit the North Bight of Andros, Bahamas looking for double-digit bonefish with legendary guide "Big" Charlie Neymour. Life is good.

Make your life a little better. Come pay us a visit anytime.

I recently made a (much too short) pilgramage to Andros, Bahamas to fish big bones with Big Charlie Neymour. Blowin' like 25-30 (knots) the whole time but Charlie just said, "Bad weather: big fish." "Kaaay..." we answered. Nothin' for it but to grab Pancho (the 9-weight), throw on a #10 line, a short 20-lb leader, and the strongest hook I could find. It was ON.

I'd like to echo the sentiments of the bonefishing saint who turned me onto this place: "If I had one more day to fish, it would be the North Bight with Big Charlie." That's a recipe for dying happy right there.

"Obsession brought us to this place in search of a ghost, a phantom, a shadow that is all but invisible... unless you know how to find it. Luckily we were with Big Charlie and we soon found ourselves facing 20 knots of breeze... and some truly BIG bonefish... Flatswalker's Journal, March, 2009."

Let Fatiha and Charlie arrange for your own chance to chase "the Grey Ghost" of the flats.